Ski touring at 11,000 feet, in Colorado's Indian Peaks.

About Mac

Mac William Bishop is an international producer at NBC News.

Mac began his journalism career as a copy editor at a small overseas English-language newspaper. Since then, he has been a multimedia journalist at The New York Times, a television producer and cameraman at Reuters, a correspondent for Jane's Defence Weekly, a contributing writer at Foreign Policy magazine and a stringer for the Financial Times.

His notable coverage includes U.S. special operations in Africa; terror attacks in France and Belgium; an investigation into decades-old chemical munitions in Iraq; various aspects of the civil war in Syria; the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan; the arms trade, defense and international security in East Asia; white collar crime and finance on Wall Street; and Chinese and Japanese criminal organizations.

Mac has studied Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Levantine Arabic, German, French and Spanish. A former Marine sergeant and infantryman, Mac is an avid mountaineer, skier and mountain biker who was raised in Colorado. He has worked, lived and traveled in scores of countries across five continents.

His professional honors include five Emmy Award nominations for coverage of terrorism, the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis in Europe; a Best of Photojournalism award for Conflict/Disaster Coverage from the National Press Photographer's Association; and a team coverage Edward R. Murrow Award for Online Breaking News. Mac was also part of a team that reported "Secret Casualties" at The New York Times, which was a finalist for the Al Neuharth Innovation in Investigative Journalism Award and for which lead reporter C.J. Chivers won a Best Investigative Reporting Award from the Overseas Press Club. He also received a 2012 New York Times Publisher's Award for his pioneering video work.

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